E&K leiterplatten
  • Name of item
    Units required
    Number of layers
  • Dimensions
  • Electrical Test
    Delivery time
  • Comments
  • no set-up costs
  • Prototypes manufactured in serial production!
  • highest quality!
  • in house production
  • lead free surfaces
  • conform to RoHS guidelines!
  • routed contours
  • Significantly reduced installation costs for follow-up orders for series or small series
  • You determine prices and delivery deadlines,
  • We take care of the rest!
  • Data formats: gerber data, EAGLE board file
  • Circuit path width / spacing at least 6mil (0.152 mm)
  • minimum allowable drill size 0.25 mm
  • minimum annular ring size: 0.20 mm
  • minimum spacing of copper / conductor to contour: 0.25 mm
  • Solder stop parameters:
    • Scale up of solder stop mask: 0.15 mm
    • Remaining bridge thickness: 0.127 mm
  • Marking print:
    • minimum line thickness of contour: 0.2 mm
    • minimum spacing to solder-stop mask
  • Standard base material FR4
  • Thickness: 1.55 mm
  • Copper layer: 35 µm
  • Surface: lead free
  • Contour milled out, milling diameter 2.4 mm
  • Multilayers are designed with standard layer buildups (ML4-STD2 resp. ML6-STD). Have a look at the available buildups HERE.
  • You can send us your data by 8:30 a.m. of the first working day
  • The price offered is for the data and designs referred to above. We reserve the right to change prices if layouts differ from the above data.
  • Our General Terms and Conditions are applicable for all other issues
X: mm Y: mm
10 WD (Std.)
8 WD
7 WD
6 WD
5 WD
4 WD
3 WD
2 WD

(2 WD, 3 WD, 4 WD only possible in combination with two layers)

I confirm that the parameters I have chosen are correct and compliant with the above standard layouts. I further accept the General Terms and Conditions and confirm that I am authorised to place binding orders.
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  • Name of item:
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