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We submit an offer the same day you request it

We submit an offer within one day. Binding, without any ifs and buts, even for small volumes and short deadlines. We keep our clients informed about all delivery dates. This is how, from the very first day of contact, we convince our clients of our reliablility.

Axel Knorz, E&K Sales Professional

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Our technical know-how builds the basis for our good products

We need to keep abreast of developments every day, because there are no products alike. Therefore we need staff that is versatile and flexible. Our highly trained team members ensure that our products are of excellent quality.

Elisabeth Weberskirch, Head of E&K production department

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Quality control throughout all processes

Before the circuit boards are sent our to our customers, their quality is tested by our electronic performance test. This enables us to guarantee that all circuits are without defect

Willie van der Sluizen, Quality control specialist at E&K

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Just give us a call and we start processing your order immediately.

"You can rely on our fast reaction times as well as on our immediately submitting a proposal. This combined with the trustful relations with our long-term suppliers in Taiwan and China makes us a strong and reliable partner"

Hans-Peter Kleuter & Matthias Esser, Managing Directors of E&K

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Smooth processes ensure speed and quality

A good coordination of processes is essential to ensure a smooth workflow. Be it costing, the installation of CAM systems or production, all processes must be in place from the beginning. This makes production profitable and flexible.

Uwe Muckel, Head of Technical Department at E&K

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Highly qualified employees ensure first class quality

To ensure that our boards are of excellent quality, we draw on long-term reations with specialists who are constantly trained. This helps us to always design state-of-the-art products.

Marianne Kleuter, Human Resources Manager at E&K

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Only tested layouts are admitted for production.

"We verify the feasibility of your data using the obligatory Design Rule Check.  This does not only comprise verifying the technical feasibility, but also the early detection of potential weak spots in the layout, which we then feed back to our customers."

Ralf Muckel, Quality Management Representative at E&K

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